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Yeasen Biology's Overall Solution for African Swine Fever Virus Detection

—— Yeasen continuously improves virus detection solutions and implements strict quality management to achieve good repeatability and stability.

African swine fever (ASF) is an acute, highly contagious, and highly contagious disease caused by ASFV, which is infected by pigs and wild boars. The incidence rate and mortality rate of this disease are 100%. This is a serious threat to the global pig industry and incalculable economic loss. Animal Health Organization of the world (OIE) listed it as a legally reported animal epidemic disease, and China listed it as a class I animal epidemic disease.


1. Detection of African Swine Fever
2. ASFV Detection Solution 1: Extraction Free Direct Expansion & qPCR
3. ASFV Detection Solution 2: Nucleic Acid Extraction & qPCR
4. ASFV Detection Solution 3: Isothermal Amplification
5. Supply of Raw Materials for ASFV Detection of Yeasen Biology


1. Detection of African Swine Fever

Currently, there is no vaccine or effective treatment for African swine fever. It is mainly monitored and controlled by laboratory diagnostic methods. Among laboratory detection technologies, qPCR is an important tool for routine diagnosis of African swine fever recommended by OIE, and it is also the preferred detection technology in China at the current stage of the African swine fever epidemic.

Yeasen Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as " Yeasen Biotechnology") as a supplier of enzyme preparations deeply cultivated in the upstream life science field, has long provided IVD enterprises with high-quality and cost-effective raw materials (including freeze-dried raw materials), actively respond to the situation of African swine fever, cooperate with customers to develop the whole process solution from extraction to detection of African swine fever virus, and help the efficient detection of African swine fever.


2. ASFV Detection Solution 1: Extraction Free Direct Expansion & qPCR

Product Matching: Nucleic Acid Release Reagent (Cat#13720) + Inhibition Resistant qPCR Reagent (Cat#11211)

2.1 Nucleic Acid Release Reagent V2 (Cat#13720)

One-step extraction free nucleic acid releasing agent is suitable for rapid cleavage of DNA templates from serum, plasma, alveolar lavage fluid, and swab samples. There is no need for heating or nucleic acid extraction/purification process. When using, add this reagent to the sample, and DNA can be extracted simply at room temperature for 10 minutes.

2.1.1 Product Features

1. Single solution, simple operation, can quickly lyse samples and release nucleic acids.

2. It can be transported and stored at room temperature and stored for a long time at 4℃.

2.2 Hieff Unicon™ Universal TaqMan multiplex qPCR master mix (Cat#11211)

2× Mix premixed reagent, including genetically modified antibody hot start Taq enzyme and deeply optimized multiple reaction buffer systems, can greatly improve the amplification sensitivity and specificity.

2.2.1 Product Features

1. Strong tolerance to blood impurities.

2. Ultra high sensitivity and good repeatability (CV <1%).

3. Super storage stability: stable performance after being stored at 4℃, 25℃, and 37℃ for 7 days and repeated freezing and thawing 50 times

2.3 Partial Performance Display

Strong tolerance to blood impurities

Figure 1. The substances related to blood preservation (EDTA, sodium citrate) were selected as the impurity background, and the template was amplified with Yeasen qPCR mix (Cat#11211) and the same type of reagents of various brands. The results showed that compared with similar products, Yesen qPCR premix had stronger impurity tolerance.


3. ASFV Detection Solution 2: Nucleic Acid Extraction & qPCR

Product Matching: Magnetic Bead Swab Sample Virus DNA / RNA Extraction Kit (Cat #18300) + Super Full Premixed Stability qPCR Reagent (Cat#13171)

3.1 MolPure™ Magnetic Swab Viral DNA/RNA Kit(Cat#18300)

By using magnetic beads with a unique separation function and carefully optimized buffer system to efficiently capture the released nucleic acid, it can be used to isolate and purify high-quality viral DNA / RNA from various swabs and virus culture supernatants. Provide customers with a fast and convenient extraction scheme.

3.1.1 Product Features

1. Excellent performance: high extraction efficiency and good repeatability.

2. Sample applicability: applicable to different sample types, such as swabs, whole blood, plasma, saliva, etc.

3. Instrument adaptability: the reagent forms are diversified, which is suitable for high-throughput extraction with various full-automatic nucleic acid extractors on the market.

4. Wide application: applicable to various downstream application experiments, such as PCR, fluorescence quantitative PCR, and so on.

5. Safe and non-toxic: the reagent does not contain toxic substances such as phenol and chloroform.

3.2 Hieff Unicon™ C55P1 TaqMan Multiplex qPCR Master Mix(UDG plus)(Cat#13171)

The hot start Taq enzyme blocked by double blocking antibody blocks its 5'→ 3' polymerase and 5 '→ 3' exonuclease activities, which greatly improves the specificity of amplification and the stability of the reagent. The dUTP/UDG anti-pollution system is introduced, which can effectively prevent aerosol pollution.

3.2.1 Product Features

1. Easy operation: 2× Mix premixed reagent simplifies the experimental operation and reduces the risk of pollution.

2. Strong stability of full premixing: the fully premixed reaction solution containing primer probe is prepared and stored at 37℃ for at least 5 days without obvious change in performance.

3. UDG anti-pollution system: it contains heat-sensitive UDG enzyme and dUTP, which can effectively degrade pollutants containing U and reduce false positives.

3.3 Partial Performance Display

Super full premixed stability

Figure 2. Cat#13171 was prepared into a complete premix containing primer probe, which was placed at 4℃ for 10 days and 37℃ for 1, 3, and 5 days respectively. 10000 copies of ASFV plasmid were amplified. It was found that there was no significant change in Ct value.


4. ASFV Detection Solution 3: Isothermal Amplification

4.1 Hieff™ Bst Plus DNA Polymerase (Cat#14402)

Compared with wild-type BST DNA polymerase, the enzyme has greatly improved in amplification speed, yield, salt tolerance, thermal stability, and increased dUTP tolerance. It is very suitable for pollution-proof isothermal amplification reactions, such as lamps, etc.

4.1.1 Product Features

1. Genetic engineering transformation removes 5'- 3' exonuclease activity, perfectly adapts lamp, and improves amplification ability.

2. Screening of protoenzymes with strong chain replacement ability, which can break through the complex secondary structure.

3. dUTP tolerance. Replacing dTTP with dUTP has little effect.

4.2 Partial Performance Display

Perfect substitute for imported brand N* products

Figure 3. Yellow is the amplification curve of Yeasen Hieff™ Bst DNA polymerase, and green is the imported brand amplification curve.


5. Supply of Raw Materials for ASFV Detection of Yeasen Biology

Yeasen Biotechnology continuously improves virus detection solutions and implements strict quality management in UCF ME® Produce and repack products in an ultra-clean environment to maximize the difference between batches and achieve good repeatability and stability. Continue to supply African classical swine fever virus detection raw materials with high-cost performance, high stability, and low inter-batch difference, and contribute to the fight against African classical swine fever!

In addition, Yeasen Biotechnology also provides personalized customized services for IVD enterprises, which can modify the formula and product specifications based on the existing product catalog according to the needs of customers, and provide the corresponding quality assurance certificate and other materials of the products. The products that Yeasen can provide are as follows:

Table 1: Products provided by Yeasen

Product Type

Product Description

Product Name


Nucleic Acid Test

Ultra high sensitivity,  resistance to inhibition

Universal TaqMan multiplex qPCR master mix


Single Enzyme Raw Material

Hots tart Taq Polymerase

Hieff Unicon™ Hotstart Direct Taq DNA Polymerase, 5 U/μL


Taq Antibody

Hieff™ Double-Block anti-Taq DNA Polymerase Antibody



Uracil DNA Glycosylase (UDG/UNG), 1 U/μL


Isothermal amplification

Hieff™ Bst Plus DNA Polymerase (40 U/μL)



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